Royal Grooming Box

  • Stunning Hand-Crafted Royal Grooming Box 
  • Comes With A Range of Percy Nobleman Products
  • FSC Approved Rosewood
  • The Ultimate All-In-One Grooming Kit For Modern Gentlemen 

    Percy is proud to present his one-of-a-kind Royal Grooming Box!

    Hand-made from the finest wood, the box is a truly a thing to behold and an exemplar of incredible craftsmanship.

    It has a large mirror, and multiple compartments for storing your different grooming products, tools and utensils.

    This box is an all-in-one grooming station - easy to pack away neatly once you've finished your daily grooming routine.

    A gift like no other, the Royal Grooming Box is the ultimate present for any modern gent.

    Due to the nature of the construction of the box, it will be available in limited batches. Buy now while stock lasts!

    Percy's Royal Grooming Box Includes:

    1 x Percy Nobleman Signature Beard Conditioning Oil $19.99

    1 x Percy Nobleman Beard Wash $16.99

    1 x Percy Nobleman Mustache Wax $10

    1 x Percy Nobleman Beard Balm $16.99

    1 x Percy Nobleman (Gentleman's Styling Wax) Hair & Beard Wax $12.99

    1 x Percy Nobleman Beard Comb $14.99

    1 x Percy Nobleman Beard & Mustache Scissors $14.99

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