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Hair Comb

  • The Essential Gentleman’s Hair Comb
  • Perfect for all Hair Lengths and Styles
  • Durable yet Lightweight
  • Beautiful Tortoiseshell Design

Craft Your Perfect Look with Percy’s Gentleman’s Hair Comb.

Don’t you think looking sharp and feeling your best go hand in hand? We’ve come to believe that whipping your hair into shape each morning should be a fundamental element of every man’s grooming routine.

What better way to do this than with our Gentleman’s Hair Comb!

Handmade from soft yet sturdy tortoiseshell acetate, the comb slides smoothly and won’t pull or snag on your hair.

The comb has unique teeth that are specially rounded and designed to avoid unnecessary irritation or discomfort.

Not only that, the teeth have two different widths that allow incredibly close control and make mastering any style more than achievable.

It’s acetate construction gives it superior strength and sturdiness, ensuring optimum combing time and time again.

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