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Face & Stubble Wash

  • Specially designed for use on light to heavy stubble.
  • Helps soothe skin and soften hairs.
  • Light peppermint & cucumber scent.
  • Glycerin formulation helps prevent loss of moisture to your facial hair.
  • 98% derived from nature.
  • 2.5 fl.oz tube.

    Start your grooming routine the right way with Percy Nobleman's Face & Stubble Wash.

    Formulated with natural cleansers, Percy Nobleman’s Face & Stubble Wash provides gentle cleaning without stripping your skin or hair of their natural oils.

    It is derived from coconut and scented with peppermint and cucumber, that provides a fresh and invigorating start to the day.

    It is suitable for any facial hair, from light to heavy to stubble and is beard-friendly to boot.

    Specially designed to help cleanse and soften your skin and stubble, Percy’s Face & Stubble Wash will leave you feeling completely revitalised!

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